Cherokee Language Links

!! Raven Rock Cherokee-English Dictionary - The first ever dictionary realization of Duane King's word lists in his 1975 dissertation on the Cherokee language of the Qualla Boundary in North Carolina! Verbs are shown with the 5 principal stems as in D. Feeling's "Cherokee-English Dictionary" (see below).
Click here if you would like to download a PDF version of the Raven Rock Dictionary.
Cherokee-English Dictionary Online This is an online dictionary of Cherokee where you can search by English word or Cherokee using either Syllabary or "phonetics." It includes vocabulary from several important sources. Created by volunteer effort as a labor of love for the Cherokee language and the desire to make resources as readily available as possible.
Jalagi Gawoni sign-in page A free virtual classroom environment incorporating the book "Cherokee Language Lessons" by ᎹᎦᎵ with lessons and tests to check your progress. Great site!!!
Blackgum Mountain Productions Animations in Cherokee Language.
WCU Cherokee Wiki Western Carolina University Cherokee wiki page with archives of class materails and more!
WCU Cherokee Language Program Western Carolina University Cherokee language program with lots of good class material!
Cherokee Language Lessons Lots of Cherokee language learning material! Excellent resource!
Talking Leaf Cherokee Videos Several good videos with simple Cherokee conversations spoken by native speakers.
Raven's Tsalagi Resource

The People's Path Cherokee Word & Phrase List English to Cherokee. NOTE: this site will be going away soon.

Cherokee Cultural Links

Blackgum Mountain Creations Store Mugs, t-shirts, iPhone covers, etc. with artwork by Joseph Erb printed on them available for purchase. ᎣᏍᏓ!
Cherokee Images Gallery of fine pottery by Cherokee artist Ken Masters.
Tsitsalagi "I'm Cherokee" Clothing and Gifts - Find T-shirts, sweat shirts, and other gifts with Cherokee syllabary on them.
North Carolina Tribe of Cherokee Indians
Cherokee Nation Based in Tahlequah Oklahoma